Our His Hands class is designed specifically for children with special needs. This class is available during our worship experience on Sundays at 11:00am. If your child prefers a quieter, less crowded atmosphere, we encourage you to try out our His Hands class. 


Each child was created in the image of God and kids should be exactly who they were created to be. Our His Hands class will allow children to learn about our Loving Creator in a safe environment for them. We have sensory items and toys available but feel free to bring any other items from home that will help your child enjoy their time with us. 


All of our His Hands teachers have experience with children with special needs and are ready to pour into your child with love and care the same way that you would. You can feel secure in knowing that when you drop your child off in our His Hands class, it is a safe environment that’s just for them. You as the parent can join our worship service without worrying about your child’s safety and needs.  


We will ask you to complete a His Hands intake form so that we know any special instructions or needs that your child has. We keep all forms in a safe, secure place that is accessible to the His Hands volunteers. You can download the form here and turn in during your first visit to our His Hands classroom.